Stainless Steel Totes as low as $279 Used

We offer Used 80 gallon stainless steel rolling totes!  Currently we are offering them for $279 per tote if you purchase 10 or more, 2 or more for $299 per tote, and $399 for purchasing one.  All these rates will go up once we hit the number we have in mind as these totes are worth quite a bit more.

The totes:

316 stainless steel

16 gauge or higher

sanitary seamless insides

heavy duty rolling wheels for easy maneuverability

clean inside

The totes are perfect for storing or moving many different products; commonly we see these types of totes used in a meat packing facility but they would be good for many different business who need a vessel to move around as well as easy to clean.

For further questions, prices, details see or email us at [email protected]


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