Stainless Steel Containers


Wine Barrels

Wineries are our number 1 customers!!!  Our Stainless steel barrels are an affordable option for winemakers and wineries. Unlike oak barrels, stainless steel wine barrels can be used over and over again with a low, one time cost. Stainless steel barrels are also easily portable and sanitary. These are easy to clean and sterilize making them a popular choice for winemakers. Winemakers who desire that “oak” flavor simply add oak chips or chunks of oak to the steel wine barrels. However, many wineries use stainless steel containers to achieve a lighter, fruitier flavored wine that is more delicate in nature.









Brewing Beer / Moonshine / Alcohol Still

Many beer makers want stainless steel containers because of their longevity and easy cleaning.  Like wineries that our going after a certain flavor it is important for the barrel not to modify the final product.









Smokers / Grills / Stoves

Why make a UDS(Ugly drum smoker) or barrel stove out of a steel barrel that will deteriorate over time when you can make it out of stainless steel drum that will out last you and that you can get your money back out of it.  Watch one our customer turn a stainless steel open top barrel into a top of the line smoker below. Please see for a super efficient barrel stove!


Maple Syrup

Stainless steel barrels are prefect for packing maple syrup.  Maple syrup producers and packagers prefer stainless steel drums as they do not taint the natural taste of the syrup.  Also Starting March 1st 2013 maple syrup will no longer be able to be stored in galvanized barrels making stainless steel drums highly coveted by most producers and packers.









Fuel Storage, Water Storage, Rain Barrel, etc

Stainless steel Barrels our a doomsday peppers’ number one go to because of longevity and cleanliness.  Use the containers to store liquid or dry goods.









Chemical Storage Container

Stainless steel containers can be perfect for holding hazardous or just plain old house hold cleaning products.  Many large companies use our barrels to hold Isopropanol for instance.  Some barrels can be used for holding stronger agents such as Nitric Acid.  For barrels like these you need to choose the right one so please email us if you have any questions.