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2500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank #4 SOLD

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(1) 2500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank 



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We have 5 of these similar tanks available. They will need to be picked up by a flatbed truck for removal. We can help maneuver them into place on the truck. We also will consider a better price if you are willing to purchase more than one at a time. Please feel free to make us an offer for one unit, several or all 5 while they are available.

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Volume: Estimated as 2500 US gallons

Material: 304-2B Stainless Steel

Weight:  Estimated at 2000 Pounds

Outside Height of entire unit: approx. 112 inches (over 9ft tall)

Height of cylinder: approx. 71 inches

Diameter of top cylinder: approx. 91 inches (over 7ft wide)

Height of Conical Measured along the side: approx. 57 inches

Bottom opening inside diameter: approx. 10 inches

Condition: According to the company we purchased these tank from they have never been used! They had been extras they had sitting around.

Please view all pictures for exact condition; each of the 5 tanks may be slightly different.  Fittings are different on the top of each. They have been sitting outside for some time and have some dust in them and some spots where rust has formed; very minimal but want to make sure we mention. These tanks would look perfect if someone gave them a good polish. They are built very sturdy. They also have several ports or openings on the top, side and bottom of the tanks; these could easily be re welded or adjusted to your specs. The Bottom of the conical part hangs down just slightly lower than the legs; this may be an adjustment you want to make or will work perfectly if you just brace the legs on a sturdy stand.

Tank Uses: 

* Please  take caution when handling, tanks are very heavy, use proper form when lifting.  We can`t be responsible for improper use or handling of tanks once purchased. Please clean and sterilize your tank whether it is new or used based on what you intend to use if for.

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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