Stainless Steel 6 Quart Commercial Heavy Duty Pot


(1) Stainless Steel 6 Quart Pot

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Volume: 6 Quart

Style: Open – no lid

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: approx. 2 pounds

Inside Diameter: approx. 7 inches

Outside Height: approx. 8.5 inches

Condition: USED!  Very clean as seen in pictures, look great but not perfect; some will have dents/dings like the ones pictured here. They are heavy duty, not what you would buy in the local store. Some have a beaker for pouring and some do not. We will ship whatever comes next in line; you may get a combination.

Pot Uses: storage, great for cleaning paint brushes in or for holding oil, etc.

* Please clean and sterilize your pot whether it is new or used based on what you intend to use if for.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 9 in