5.23 (1/6) NEW SS Keg with spear


(1) NEW 5.23 gal (1/6) Stainless Steel Keg with spear

(1) NEW D type Circlip (without thread) spear


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Dimensions: Height is approx. 24 inches and diameter is approx. 10 inches.  Weight is approximately 13 Lbs.  Chime is 1.8mm thick while the body is 1.2mm thick .

Condition: NEW! US standard! 304 Stainless Steel with the circlip keg neck( without threads). Paid extra to have these kegs polished; most kegs sold within United States will not have this polish done!

Keg Uses: Perfect for Homebrew, for storing beer!

* Please take caution when handling, barrels/kegs are very heavy, use proper form when lifting, stacking, etc.  We can`t be responsible for improper use or handling of barrels/kegs once purchased.  Please clean and sterilize your barrel/keg whether it is new or used based on what you intend to use if for.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 12 in