(2 PACK) 55 Gallon 316 USED Stainless Steel Open Head Barrel Sanitary Bottom (1.5mm)


(2) USED 55 Gallon Open Top Stainless Steel Barrel 

(2) Black Plastic Lid


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$1,000 plus if purchased new! First time we have had used barrels this nice since 2012!

SALE! Bulk discounts available while we have enough stock; you can visit our “BULK SAVINGS” category to see our other options!  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like a freight quote. The quote calculated for USPS or UPS will not be correct for this order!

Shipping will be very high to ship one at a time due to these barrels being non-standard/over-sized! We recommend “local pickup” or one of the bulk options above going via freight.

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Volume: 55 US gallons

Style: Open Head

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Thickness: 1.5mm with reinforced rings

Fittings and/or Gasket: N/A

Closure (OH): Black plastic lid that sits on chime of barrel. We do not offer stainless steel lids for these barrels.

Weight: approx. 69 pounds

Outside Height (with lid on): approx. 35.25 inches

Outside Diameter (Outside chime to outside chime): approx. 23.25 inches; reinforced rings add and extra approx. 1 inch to each side

Inside Diameter (Inside chime to inside chime): approx. 22.50 inches

Condition: USED! Picture is representative of the type of barrel/s you will receive. Barrel/s may very in matt/shiny finish, dents, dings, scratches as they had a previous life. Drums previously held ink which has been cleaned; there are some drums that may have some left that would still need to be cleaned. Please make sure you clean the barrel/s to your satisfaction. Overall, these drums are some of the best you will find on the used market especially for the going rate.

Barrel Uses: Ideal for storage where 316 stainless or a crevice free bottom may be necessary!

* Please take caution when handling, barrels/kegs are very heavy, use proper form when lifting, stacking, etc.  We can`t be responsible for improper use or handling of barrels/kegs once purchased. Please clean and sterilize your barrel/keg whether it is new or used based on what you intend to use if for.

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Weight188 lbs
Dimensions48 × 48 × 34 in
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