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(25-49) USED 55 Gallon Fiber Drums ($20 per drum for 25-49)

Please call Jim at 513-260-9447 to place an order.


(25-49) USED 55 Gallon Drums (Open head)

(25-49) USED Lids

(25-49) USED Locking Rings

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Local pickup or freight only! Please call Jim at 513-260-9447 to place an order.

$20 per drum for 25 to 49 drums

Call for special truckload pricing! Jim 513-260-9447

Volume: 55 US gallons

Style: Open Head with lid and locking ring

Manufacturer: Grief Inc.

Weight: approx.

Outside Height: approx. 38 inches

Outside Diameter: approx. 21.5 inches

Condition: USED! Once used barrels for food product. These fiber drums are very sturdy, Eco-friendly and will save you money!

All labels and markings have been removed.

Freight Classification for dry or solid articles. Sidewall test 1000 LBS per square inch. Net weight limit 550 pounds.

Barrel Uses: Fiber drums are a cost effective way to store/transport a wide variety of materials. These include powders, chemicals and parts.

* Please take caution when handling, barrels/kegs; use proper form when lifting, stacking, etc.  We can`t be responsible for improper use or handling of barrels/kegs once purchased. Please clean and sterilize your barrel/keg whether it is new or used based on what you intend to use if for.

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 in


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