Stainless Steel Barrels

Shop new and used stainless steel barrels, kegs, pails, tanks and more at the lowest rates in the country.  Perfect for brewing beer, winemaking, CBD Oil, storing liquids/food, and so much more!

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Steel vs. Stainless Steel Barrels

304/316 Stainless

Ordinary Steel

Corrosion/Rust Resistant

Lifetime of Reuse

Tensile Strength

Easy to Clean

Aesthetic Shine

Store Acidic Chemicals

Upfront Costs

Life Cycle Cost

Common Use Cases

Our products have a variety of applications. 

Small & Large Scale Breweries

"Stainless steel is used in brewing processes because it does not produce any off-flavors. Beer is corrosive to storage tanks and transport lines because beer is acidic and contains living micro-organisms which cause corrosion and fouling.”... ”Steel tanks require less space than wooden casks. They’re easier to clean and cost less to maintain because high-pressure scrubbing and sterilization techniques can be used. Stainless Steel tanks can also be built to much larger sizes than wooden casks."

Small & Large Scale Wineries

"Stainless Steel is durable, forever reusable, air tight, and very cost effective. It imparts no additional flavor to the wine and gives the winemaker more control of the flavors naturally occurring in their grapes. Stainless Steel is much easier to clean than the standard oak barrels by a long shot and because of this risk nothing as to tainting one wine batch with remnants of a previous batch. Stainless steel aged wines are sought after for their clean, crisp and light stylings as opposed to oak’s more robust nature."
stainless wine barrels
55 gallon stainless steel drum grill

Custom Smokers & Grills

Stainless steel drums are perfect for creating a fully custom UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) and or building a stainless steel grill.  While a typical steel alternative may last you a year or more, stainless steel is guaranteed to long outlast that.  Save both time and money by removing the stress of having to replace your smoker every single year.  

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Fantastic product. Amazing customer service. Professional. Reliable. If you are looking for stainless steel barrels for a great price, look no further. I received my order on time without issue. Cody made sure all product questions were answered asap. I will gladly do business here in the future and recommend their business to others. Thank you!
Ryan Tiburzio
JDP appears to provide excellent customer service. I purchased a 15 gallon stainless container from them a few years ago. I needed a replacement lid seal for this container and when I looked at JDP's catalog it appeared this container had been discontinued, but I contacted JDP anyway to see if they had a source for these seals. Evidently they still had some in inventory and said they would send me some replacement seals on them.  It is hard to find customer service like this today.
Barbara & Tony Adams
Cody was very responsive and helpful answering my questions about their used barrels. He assured a guarantee on the quality and condition of the barrels and I was not disappointed. They were extremely clean and in great shape, I will be using them for commercial fermentation. Thanks!
Stacy Jurich

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