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Breweries/Beer - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Longevity and easy cleaning. 
  • Does not modify/change the taste of the final product.
  • More durable than wooden barrels and can be used over and over.
  • Hold carbonation pressures longer and thus keep the beer fresher.

Fuel/Liquid Storage - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Doomsday preppers’ number one go to because of their longevity and cleanliness.
  • Use the containers to store liquid or dry goods.

Maple Syrup - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Does not taint the natural taste of the syrup.
  • As of March 1st 2013, maple syrup is no longer allowed to be stored in galvanized barrels.
  • Stainless steel drums are highly coveted by most producers and packers of maple syrup.

Grills/Smokers - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Unique and professional look.
  • Will last a lifetime.

Wineries/Winemakers - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Wineries are our #1 customers!
  • Unlike oak barrels, stainless steel can be used over and over again.
  • Portable and easy to clean or sterilize.
  • If you want the “oak” taste, simply add oak chips to get the desired flavor.

Chemical Storage - Stainless Steel Benefits:

  • Perfect for holding hazardous chemicals or plain old house cleaning supplies.
  • Many companies use our barrels to hold Isopropanol.
  • Some barrels can even hold stronger agents such as Nitric Acid.