5 gallon Stainless Steel Barrel For Sale

by ussb_janszen
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5 gallon stainless steel barrels are available in closed and open top!  We currently have them on sale for $145!

Dimensions: .8 mm thick top/ bottom/ sides, Weighs approx. 8.05 lbs, See Pictures for measurements!

Inside finish: 2b food grade mirror finish

Condition: 5 gallon SS barrels are New but are selling them at used pricing!  New barrels will sell for more than this; we use to sell 5 gallon used closed top barrels for up to $120.  The open top barrels come with stainless steel locking clamps and a gasket so do not worry about having to buy extras once you make your purchase. We are limited though!  We will try to keep the barrels at the low price above as long as we can! You may find light scratches or minor dings as these barrels came via truck with only the bubble wrap to protect them; had drums stacked high and also inside them.  Barrel will be wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed for shipping.

Barrel Uses: Perfect for storing Wine, Maple Syrup, oils, food, etc.



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